CZF Kronitz Memorial Scholarship

CZF Kronitz Memorial Scholarship was created to encourage and assist young Canadian Jews who wish to study in Israel on a long term program. The expectation is that these young adults will return to Canada and provide service to the Canadian Jewish Community. The funds are provided by private contributors for the benefit of the local community.

This scholarship program is directed towards recent high school graduates, university students or graduate students pursuing general studies in Israel lasting at least a year.

In order to qualify for the scholarship the following criteria must be met:

  • Candidates must be Canadian citizens.
  • Candidates must be accepted to study in Israel for at least one year in a post-secondary program recognized by the Israel Ministry of Education.
  • Candidate must provide three letters of reference:
  1. Academic reference (current principal, professor, program director)
  2. Personal reference (not a family member)
  3. Demonstration of need

Over the years, scholarship recipients have greatly appreciated the assistance provided them to study in Israel.  The experience of living and studying in Israel has encouraged them to reaffirm their commitment to Israel, Education, and Jewish Communal Work.

Since the CZF Kronitz Memorial Scholarship’s inception over one thousand students have received scholarships.


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